Earn Rewards Every Time You Rent

So you’ve had your eye on a watch for a while now, but buying a nice watch is a large financial commitment and you just can’t get yourself to pull the trigger. Our proposal to you: instead of buying, rent a watch from us, and you always have the option to buy, and you always earn equity towards any future rentals and purchases. Try a watch out for a few months; if you don’t like it, just send it back and keep any equity that you’ve earned. Sound better than dropping $10,000 on a watch that you might not even like in a few months? We think so too.

Here are the specifics:

1. Rent your favorite watch.

2. While you’re renting, you’ll gain equity at a rate of 20% of your rental fee.

3. If you like the watch and decide that you’re ready to buy, you pay us the retail price less the amount of equity that you've earned.

For example:

You rent a Rolex for $360/month and wear it for ten months. After those ten months, you notify us that you’d like to buy the Rolex. The fair market value for your watch is $12,000, but because you've earned so much equity((10 months*$360)*30% =$1,080), you only pay $10,920.

You can even apply the equity you earned while renting one watch towards another watch in the store. For example, apply the equity earned while wearing a Rolex towards the purchase of an Omega – it’s completely up to you.