How long can I rent a watch for?

We have made things very flexible - you can rent for a single month or you can rent long-term. Those wanting to enjoy a watch for more than one month can subscribe to that watch and save 20% every month.

Do I need to make a long-term commitment or sign an annual contract?

No, you won't be obligated to pay up front for anything and you won't be asked to sign a long-term contract. You simply choose your favorite watch and pay as you go.

Does Clerkenwell require a security deposit?

No, our risk management process replaces the need for any security deposits.

Do I have to fill out an application before I place an order?

No. We aim to make the ordering process as fast as possible for our customers. The only thing we require from our customers is a picture of their driver's license (or some other form of government ID). After you place your order, one of our customer service representatives will reach out to you via email to ask you to provide a picture of your ID.

Does Clerkenwell have a loyalty or rewards program in place?

Yes, you earn 20 points for every dollar that you spend (20 points are worth $.20). You can use your points to rent or buy any watch that Clerkenwell offers. If you decide you'd like to save your points to eventually purchase a watch, when you make a purchase we'll apply a 50% bonus to your existing rewards point balance. So, in effect, if you save points to make a purchase, you're earning 30 cents for every dollar spent.

How can I check how many Equity Rewards points I have?

First, make sure you log in to your Clerkenwell account by clicking on "Sign In" in the upper right-hand corner of this page (or use this link to open another tab). Once you're logged in, click on the "Equity Rewards" button on the right side of the page. This will open a new window with your points total listed at the top.

How long will it take for me to know if my order has been accepted or not?

You will know if your order has been accepted or declined within 24 hours.

Does Clerkenwell Watch Co. rent watches to anyone?

Unfortunately no. We'd love to be able to, but our risk management process identifies orders that are likely to be fraudulent, as well as those that are likely to be from creditworthy customers.

Can I rent more than one watch at a time?

At first, no. For those customers that have placed many orders without incident, we do allow more than one watch to be rented at a time. After 12 months of rentals, customers will be able to rent more than one watch.

I live outside the U.S. can I still rent from Clerkenwell?

Currently, Clerkenwell does not ship to non-U.S. addresses.

How long will it take to receive my watch once I place my order?

If your order is received before 2pm (Pacific time zone) your watch will ship that same day. Our standard shipping option takes 2-3 business days. If you need your watch sooner, we offer subsidized FedEx Overnight and FedEx 2-day shipping rates.

What if I don't qualify for Clerkenwell Watch Co. and my order isn't accepted? How long will it take for Clerkenwell Watch Co. to refund my order?

After we notify you that your order hasn't been accepted, please allow 3-5 business days for refunds to post to your account.

Does Clerkenwell Watch Co. check customers' credit scores?

Never. Clerkenwell understands that credit inquiries impact credit scores, so we do not require credit checks for new customers. Our decision to accept or decline orders is based on a background check and other publicly available information.

Who pays for shipping and handling?

As a courtesy to our customers, Clerkenwell offers complimentary standard FedEx delivery and complimentary returns on all rentals. Expedited shipping options are also available for an additional fee.

Are there any taxes that apply to my order?

We do not collect any sales tax outside of our home state of California.

If I subscribe, when is my credit card charged for the 2nd month of my rental?

For subscriptions, your billing cycle is based on the date of your initial delivery. For example, if you placed an order on January 5th, and received the watch on January 8th, your next payment will be processed on February 8th.

What if my watch doesn’t fit my wrist when it arrives?

Please do not attempt to change the size of the watch yourself. You can take your watch to any watch retailer or repair shop, and they’ll remove a link if your watchband is too large. This is a quick fix, and only takes an experienced technician a few minutes to perform. Clerkenwell will reimburse you for any fees incurred.

When sizing your bracelet, we always try to err to the larger side so no customers ever receive a watch that's too small.

How do I return my watch?

Please email customerservice@clerkenwellwatchco.com or call (312) 898-7164 and we can provide a new prepaid shipping label. Once you have your label, you can drop your package off at any FedEx drop box or FedEx Office location.

What is your return policy on purchased watches?

Clerkenwell will happily accept returns up to 14 days after your delivery date. Funds will be returned to your account once the watch is safely received by Clerkenwell. Customers are responsible for return shipping.

I placed an order for a one-month rental, but I'd like to extend my rental. What's the best way to place another order?

If you'd like to renew your rental, we recommend placing another order, but this time choose our subscription option – this way you save 20% every month, and subsequent payments will be processed automatically. We'll even apply a 20% retroactive discount to your first month's rental to reflect subscription pricing.

Do I have to subscribe to a watch?

A: Customers have two options - they can subscribe (at 20% savings), which will set up automatic monthly payments, or they can order a 1-month rental at full price. Subscribers are under no obligation to rent for any set time period and can modify/cancel their subscriptions without having to call or email customer service.

What if I subscribe, but decide to return my watch after the first month?

Clerkenwell considers this a 1-month rental, so you won't be responsible for any additional monthly payments. We'll only charge you the 20% that you saved by choosing a subscription plan.

Are your watches replicas or are they authentic?

Each and every watch made available to our customers is 100% authentic. Every time a watch is returned to Clerkenwell, our technician confirms that the watch is indeed authentic and has not been replaced by a fraudulent customer.

What condition are the watches in?  Are these “new” watches?

A: Customers will have the chance to rent new (never worn) watches as we add watches to our inventory. For those watches that aren't new, each watch goes through a process of quality control before we allow it to be rented by one of our customers. Every time a customer returns their watch, it's cleaned to remove any dirt or grime. Clerkenwell has a policy of not polishing any of its watches. Polishing strips metal away from the bracelet and case, decreasing its value and potentially damaging the watch if not done properly.

What if the watch I’m renting becomes dirty or breaks?

We understand that there will be everyday wear and there is no additional fee assessed in these instances. However, if the watch is broken beyond everyday wear and tear or if the watch is lost, your account will be charged a reasonable repair or replacement fee.

Are your watches water-resistant?

It depends on the watch. Before getting your watch wet, please refer to the product description for your specific watch at clerkenwellwatchco.com or contact us.